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Queen of the Blue


16" x 20"

Oil on panel


In honor of International Women’s Day
"To all the inspiring women out there - the women who wake up, crush limitations and forge ahead. To all the women who said, I’m really, REALLY scared to do it, but I have to, but I have to, but I have to… I salute you."
Inspiration for painting
Trinidadian born Shivani Goberdhan made diving history in 2019, after she set four records while competing at the Caribbean Cup Roatan Freediving Competition in Honduras. When I saw this photo of her, it took my breath away. I was overcome with emotion – pride and fear. I was filled with national pride and love for my country and was in total awe of Shivani, but I was also literally paralyzed with my own fear of the deep after almost drowning at Maracas Bay. I saved the photo and contacted the photographer, Alex St. Jean to ask his permission to paint it as a tribute to Shivani for International Women’s Day. I wish I was as brave as this young lady.

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