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The Flag That Binds Us

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

It all started when two Trinidadian fellas; Amos and Terrance - living and working in Hawaii, met up to have a pot of pelau and drink some rum - a very Trini thing to do. One of the guys, took out this same Trini flag to bless it – waving the flag on his roof in Hawaii. Later, in 2015, these two friends went to watch the Trinidad and Tobago Women's Football team play the U.S, and of course they took the said flag and proudly waved it. It was probably the only Trini flag there and the guys were lucky enough to get a photo with the Football team.

Flying the "good luck" flag under water (2019) - "Queen of the Blue" - 20"x16" Oil Painting on Panel

Amos & Terrance 2 Trinis in Hawaii proudly waving our flag and

posing with the Trinidad and Tobago Women's Football Team (2015)

Four years later, Amos and Terrance heard about fellow Trinidadian, Shivani Goberdhan (@shiver.metimbers), who was entering the Caribbean Cup Roatan Free Diving Competition in Honduras. Shivani was also living and working in Hawaii. The guys gave Shivani the flag as a “Goodluck” charm, and she was later captured by photographer Alex St. Jean as she made her dive. Shivani went on to make diving history after she set four world records during the competition. Two were for the Caribbean Cup - at a depth of 35 meters in 1 minute 25 seconds and 38 meters in 1 minute 27 seconds, while the other two were for World Championships - Free Immersion, reaching a depth of 35 meters in 1 minute, 36 seconds and 38 meters in 1 minute, 38 seconds.

I was living in Anguilla when I first saw the image of Shivani underwater with the flag. I simply gasped and my first thought was that I needed to paint this but as an art student in my second year, I knew I didn't have the skill to paint the image.

Earlier this year, I was finally able to paint the image after connecting with the photographer, Alex St. Jean (@ alexstjeanphoto) and with Shivani, for permissions. I appreciate the history of this flag and how it made its way around the world, and I feel like this flag has brought us all together. I'm truly honored to have this artwork hanging at the gallery of the Trinidad and Tobago Consulate in Miami.


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