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Vidya Birkhoff is a painter and writer born in Trinidad and Tobago.  A fine-art graduate from the Ani Art Academies in Anguilla, her studies focused on Trompe L’oeil - the Language of Drawing and the Language of Painting. Vidya shares her experiences through her paintings, with a composition of hyper-realism, while pushing color and contrast, to bring viewers into a distinct West Indian style.


Vidya’s work can be found in galleries and private collections in Trinidad and Tobago, the US, Canada and throughout the Caribbean.


She currently works out of her studio-gallery, located on the Scarborough Waterfront, Tobago, West Indies


  • Graduate of Ani Art Academies

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My Story

Hello! I’m Vidya Birkhoff. I’m an artist and writer from Trinidad and Tobago. I was introduced to art at a very young age by my grandfather, but life led me to a career in corporate America. In 2000, I started dabbling with acrylics and was pleasantly surprised when my work was recognized by the Arts and Science Council of Charlotte, NC. Later in life I decided to formally pursue the study of fine art and have been very fortunate to study under some incredible teachers. Gallery representation followed quickly.


Being an artist and a writer can be a solitary way of life but living on the coast of Tobago makes this an enjoyable and even spiritual experience. Inspiration flows around me daily - from the ever-changing blues of the sea to the flittering hummingbirds at the feeder, there is always something interesting that catches my eye.


My culture is rich with triumphs and festivities borne out of folklore and religious ceremonies and my artwork is a soulful reflection of my environment. It’s never difficult to quiet my mind and focus inwards and I hope to capture my reflections on canvas and share it with you.


“Writing and creating art gives me the opportunity to preserve my rich Caribbean heritage.”

If you'd like to read more about my journey as an artist, please check out my blog on Transition


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